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  1. macaws
    Please Contact

    Reducing my Flock 1 -pair Camelot's Scarlet x Catalina 2500.00 ( nip the tips off feathers ) 1-pair Catalina's Scarlet male female Bolivian Blue and Gold 1800.00 (she plucks her crop he has a sm patch plucked about the size of a silver dollar just started to pluck male scarlet weighs in at 1500 grams 1-pair Jubilees Green wing female Male Harlequin 1800.00 2 pairs Bolivian Blue and Golds 1500.00 each pair 1-pair of timths greys 1500.00 all in perfect feather And proven otherwise stated Make offer ...

  2. Pairs of Pheasants and Pintail Ducks ,  Mandarin and Wood Ducks   sale

    Pheasants : one pair Impeyan $475.00, one pair F1 Gray Peacock Pheasants $425.00 , one pair Satyr Tragopans $650.00, one pair Lady Amherst $175.00, one pair Federation Red Golden $75.00 , one breeding adut pair Silver $175.00 , one adult breeding pair of Koklass $750.00, one F1 adult Breeding pair of Germain Peacock Pheasants $1,000.00. Ducks : one pair Pintails $200.00 , one pair White Faced Whistlin Ducks (pinioned) $225.00, one adult breeding pair Chinese Mandarin Ducks (pinioned) $175.00 , ...

  3. Doves , Exotic Pheasants ,Wood Ducks and Mandarin Ducks

    For sale unrelated pairs ; Pheasants: Federation Red Golden $200., Gigi Yellow Golden $200., Peach Splash Red Golden (breeders)$275., Splash Red Golden (breeders)$225., Reeves $250., Swinhoe (breeders)$190., F1 Gray Peacock Pheasants(breeders)$550., F1 Germain (breeders)$750., Ducks : Wood Ducks (breeders)$175., Chinese Mandarin Ducks(Breeders)$225., Doves: Spotted or Laceneck Doves (breeders)$475., F1 Australian Crested Pigeons(breeders)$475., F1 Luzon Bleeding Heart (breeders)$550., Zebra Doves ...

  4. Gerbil

    Gerbils are very intelligent, entertaining animals that love to play. They are active both during the day and at night. They are very social and dependent on other gerbils to feel safe, keep warm, and for companionship. Since they are social animals, keeping them in pairs (or larger groups) is always recommended. Gerbils are easy to care for, take up very little room, and supplying a home and food is relatively inexpensive. A couple pet gerbils in your home can be very fun and enjoyable. I have like ...

  5. Remarkable Red Canary

    Remarkable red singing canaries are available now in singles or pairs. These are some of the most radiant red we have seen and they sing and sing for you. This is a rare opportunity to get your own red canary. We deliver anywhere in the USA.

  6. Indian Ringnecks

    Pair of Indian Ringnecks for sale Male is white and female is turquoise blue Price $450.00 plus shipping

  7. Exotic Pheasants and Doves for sale

    For sale in Unrelated pairs : Zebra Doves (adult breeding birds)$225.00 , one pair Senegal doves $165.00, F1 Luzon Bleeding Heart Doves (adult breeding pair) $550.00 ,Spotted Doves/Laceneck Doves (adult breeding birds)$475.00 , F1 Australian Crested Pigeons (adult birds)$475.00. one pair F1 Jamaican Crested Mountain Witch Quail Doves (adult breeding pair ), Wood Ducks (adult breeding pairs)$175.00 ,two pairs Mandarin Ducks ( adult breeding pairs) $200.00/pair , Pheasants : Federation Red Golden ...

  8. Magnificent Red Canary Breeding Pairs

    The quality of these beautiful red canary breeding pairs is easy to see in these pictures. They will sing and produce magnificent red baby canaries. We deliver. Will you share your home with this pair of red canaries?

  9. pair Senegal doves,  Laceneck doves, Australian Crested Pigeons

    on pair Senegal Doves (adult breeders)$200.00, one pair Zebra Doves ( adult breeders)$225.00, one pair F1 Australian Crested Pigeons (adult breeders) $475.00 . one pair F1 **Key West Quail Doves (adult tame breeders)$600.00 , One pair F1 ** Scaly Naped Pigeons (adult breeders)$475.00 , One pair F1 **White Crown Pigeons (adult breeders)$600.00. Gigi Yellow Golden Pheasants ( will start layingt this eason)$200.00, one pair Reeves Peasants (should start laying this season)$200.00 , one pair Peach ...

  10. Pretty Spotted Doves ,  Zebra Doves and Australian Crested Pigeons

    unrelated pairs : Spotted Doves/Laceneck Doves ( adult breeders) $475.00, Zebra Doves (adult breeders) $200.00, Australian Crested Pigeons (adult breeders)$475.00 , F1 Luzon Bleeding Heart Doves (adult breeders) $550.00 , Wood Ducks ( adult breeders) $175.00 , Mandarin Ducks (adult breeders) $225.00 , Unrelated pairs Pheasants : Federation Red Golden $200.00 , Gigi Yellow Golden $200.00 , Splash Red Golden $225.00 , Peach Splash Red Golden $275.00 , Reeves $225.00 , F1 Gray Peacock Pheasants ...

  11. I want to buy colorful breeding pair of lovebirds

    I'm looking to buy a pair of lovebirds. I would like to find a very unique/colorful breeding pair (proven would be great)! I love the pieds, black mask and the fishers. If you have a pair please let me know. If you are not too far from Hernando county I can pick up... if farther meeting up half way would be best. Also, if you are interested in parakeets... I have a proven young blue pair I would like to offer + cash for your lovebird pair. Thank you for reading and hope to hear back... I have a big ...

  12. Today's Group of Lady Gouldian are More Beautiful than Before

    This group of Lady Gouldian finch are more beautiful than before. Each week these birds show even more astonishing plumage. It makes you want to share them with other bird lovers. We deliver. Singles or pairs this is a good choice for 2014.

  13. eclectus/conures/cockatiels/love birds/Meyer's

    meyer's parrot $200 s/s male pair of Eclectus, they have been together for 1 years, she has had clear eggs in the past. $1200 Black Cap Conures and pineapple Green Cheeks Conures $100 cinnamon,green cheek conures pair $200 yellow cheek cockatiel rare and hard to find $80 wild green mistys love birds$100

  14. Bright Red Sining Canary

    This bright red singing canary is a true joy. You can enjoy his beauty and at the same time to take intense pleasure or satisfaction in his glorious song. We are impressed with this one's size and strength. We deliver anywhere in the USA. Singles and pairs available.

  15. pair of conures

    Male yellow side, female turquoise

  16. eclectus/conures/cockatiels/love birds/Meyer's

    Meyer's male $200 s/s pair of Eclectus, they have been together for 1 years, she has had clear eggs in the past. $1200 Black Cap Conures and pineapple Green Cheeks Conures $100 yellow cheek cockatiel rare and hard to find $80 black mask love birds $40 wild green mistys love birds$100

    Please Contact

    AVAILABLE Quakers Cinnamon Yellow Faces $225. ea. Babies Conans Male or Female { Quantity Limited } $250.00 ea. Crimson Conans , posted only "to show the result of " a "Conan" paired with a Sunday, Sun or a Jenday. Shown as the Red Bird ...

  18. Pair Zebra Doves for sale

    one pair unrelated Zebra Doves $225.00 , one pair Senegal Doves $225.00, one pair Peruvian Ground Doves $275.00, one pair iF1 Sulawesi Ground Doves $675.00 , one F1 pair of Australian Crested Pigeons (proven breeders) $475.00 , one pair F1 --out of unrelated imported parents-- Malaysian Roul Roul Partridges ( Regular price $750.00 special for this month of June ONLY $700.00 , . One pair unrelated Gigi Yellow Golden Pheasants (proven breeders ) $225.00 , one pair unrelated Silver Pheasants (adult ...

  19. unrelated breeding pair of Koklas Pheasants

    One pair breeders unrelated Koklas Pheasants $775.00 , one unrelated pair 2012 hatch Impeyan pheasants $550.00 , one pair unrelated breeding rare Bornean Crested Fireback Pheasants ( the Veillot's subspecies -the most rare of the Borneans - Lophura ignita rufa) $1,000,00 , one pair Satyr Tragopan Pheasants ( Tragopan satyra) $700.00 , one pair unrelated Breeders F1 Gray Peacock Pheasants( Polyplectron bicalcaratum) $550.00, two unrelated breeding pairs of F1 Malaysian Roul Roul Partridges ( Rollulus ...

  20. One proven Breeding Pair of F1 Luzon Bleeding Heart Doves

    One unrelated proven Breeding Pair of F1 Luzon Bleeding Heart Doves $600.00 , one F2 unrelated ( 2011 male 2010 female) Luzon Bleeding Heart Doves $550.00. One pair of unrelated year and a half old PURE Java Green Peafowls ( Pavo muticus muticus)$1,000.00. Birds are in excellent health and no physical defect, (Selling birds due to my health and pending divorce. This is your chance to get some good fresh blood birds for breeding). I ship out of Tampa International Airport Main Post Office in Tampa, ...

  21. One unrelated pair of Chinese Mandarin Ducks (breeders)

    One unrelated adult breeding pair of Chinese Mandarin Ducks $175.00 , one adult female Chinese Mandarin Duck $95.00 , two pairs of unrelated white Chinese Mandarin Ducks $350.00 , two unrelated pairs of F1 Australian Crested Pigeons $475.00 each pair, one pair of F1 unrelated **Key West Quail Doves $600.00 , onepair of unrelated F1 Ruddy Quail Doves (breeders) $475.00 , one unrelated breeding pair of F1 **White Crown Pigeons $600.00 , one pair unrelated breeding pair of F1 **Scaly Naped Pigeons $475 ...

  22. Tils tils tils

    Reducing tils 25 each pairs available thanks

  23. pallet Quakers

    2 pair pallet green and yellow nice colors! 450 each pair.

  24. Canary Breeding Pairs (Now Available)

    We have some remarkable canary breeding pairs that we are releasing to the general public. They won't be available long. Please respond quickly. We deliver right to your front door. Please respond if you would like us to deliver one or two pairs to your home.

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